Coffee 3.0


We need a coffee culture for 21st-century living.

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change.

We’re all looking, searching, discovering.

Since the discovery of the coffee bean to stimulate the senses, people through the centuries, have been inspired by its power. Now, more than ever, we need to evolve coffee culture to meet the needs of our time.

Making sense of our lives, finding purpose and meaning, the creative expression of our human journeys, creating the next big ideas that will change our world, enriching our lives with meaningful social experiences, love, friendship and happiness is what makes us who we are.

So we created Java Roastery to help you in your journey.

We harness the power of the coffee bean to create coffee innovations that ignite the mind, body and senses.

We design beautiful coffeehouses to create immersive experiences; places where you can reflect, read, be creative, be productive, meet, relax and socialise, as you journey through life.

We want to inspire you to connect with and discover the fun in life.

We can all live a fulfilled life. We just need the stimulus to realise it.

Be curious, read voraciously, discover the world, explore your mind, express yourself, everyone is creative, come up with that next big idea, create that groundbreaking innovation, just don’t give up, be kind to yourself, take time out, relax, reach out, shine your light, express your friendship, be happy, everyone is special. Have a coffee to stimulate your mind, body and senses; realise what’s important in life, and what's possible :-)

Welcome to coffee 3.0, a world of possibilities.


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