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Weapons of Reason Magazine

Java Roastery is bringing you an eclectic range of magazines that would grace the best coffee table anywhere.

This summer, we’re pleased to bring you Weapons of Reason.

Weapons of Reason makes it easier to understand complex global issues, communicating them with ruthless simplicity while remaining impartial, sincere, and without agenda.

Comprehensive journalism

Weapons of Reason offers deep dives on subjects that really matter, written by world experts and impartial journalists, rather than report stories for ad revenue or clickbait.

World-class illustration

In a world saturated by photography, image-making has an extraordinary power to better communicate stories that matter. Weapons of Reason are experts in translating complex ideas into a clear, clean visual language.

A project to inspire action

The magazine aims to connect the world with reason, giving audiences the information they need to make more informed decisions and the resources they need to take action.

Available from our Moseley Village coffeehouse.