We're creating an immersive coffeehouse experience.

Since the beginning, coffeehouses have played an important role in the progress of human civilisation.

Schools of the Wise

Beginning in the Near East in the 15th-century, coffeehouses were known as meeting places for people from the arts and literature. They were places where people could reflect, socialise, listen to music, watch performers, play chess, keep abreast of the news and have intellectual debates and discussions; this is why they were, referred to as “Schools of the Wise”.

Penny Universities

When coffee reached Europe, and to England in particular, they brought people together from every social class to discuss politics, science, religion, literature, poetry and business. Coffee cost only a penny! As a result, they were, referred to as ‘Penny Universities’.

Coffee 3.0

Today we’re evolving coffee culture by creating events that reflect our time.

We aim to bring you incredible people from different worlds to share their experiences of their life and work; music to bring you joy, and workshops with our baristas to learn all about the secrets of coffee.

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