Costa Rica SHB Medium Roast

Costa Rica SHB Medium Roast

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Coope Tarrazu is a cooperative formed in 1960, initially with 228 members, and has grown to include around 5,000 members representing coffee growers from the Tarrazu region. With 80% of members owning less than 4 hectares, the cooperative offers significant benefits, including access to agronomists for expert advice.

In 2011, they established a Research and Development department to explore practical uses for by-products, sustainable agriculture, efficiency, and energy solutions. They have developed an app-based solution for farmer members and maintain partnerships with various universities and institutes to advance sustainable agricultural practices.

La Pastora is their flagship coffee brand, known for its high acidity, medium body, and excellent aroma, characteristic of the Tarrazu region. The coffee is picked at peak ripeness and delivered to the receiving station before moving to the wet mill. Here, centrifugal processors depulp the cherries, significantly reducing water usage and eliminating the need for fermentation, thus conserving millions of liters of water daily and minimizing waste and the risk of over-fermentation.

Farmers can choose which mill to use, with daily prices published in the national press for transparency. The beans are then taken to pre-driers for 12 hours before a final drying period of around 20 hours in a guardiola.

Cupping notes

Orange, dark chocolate, cherry, grapes, caramel, juicy.



Costa Rica






Caramelised, Cherry, Chocolate, Grape, Orange


Coffea Arabica

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Catuai, Caturra