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New look, new design

D8 is an innovative tool that was developed by listening to bartenders and roasters and responding “just in time” to their needs. Guided by this vision, we continually face new commercial and technical challenges in order to meet the constantly changing market and user needs.

Flexible and Customisable

D8 is a flexible and highly customisable platform, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Furthermore, it is capable of being customised in a wide range of ways to meet the needs of a highly diversified target group, both functionally and in terms of investment. In particular, thanks to its new stainless steel boiler, new adjustable temperature units, and seven-button control panel, this new model is guaranteed to deliver consistent quality and performance as well as ease of use.

Make your move

Just like the queen on the chessboard, D8 is the ideal tool for growing your coffee business.

High performance stainless steel boiler for power and consistency

Made from AISI 316 stainless steel the D8’s boiler has exceptional corrosion resistance, increasing longevity, exceptional corrosion resistance and increasing longevity