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Eagle One is designed to optimise energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.

Eco conscious.

• made by 97.5% recyclable materials

• Recycled aluminium used for side and back panels

• 35% less energy consumption compared with a comparable traditional 2 group model

• smaller machine so less energy dispersion and smaller footprint

• new energy optimisation, high performance using less energy through innovative technology

• recovers waste water to heat incoming water via a heat exchange Temperature Energy

Recovery System

• 10 seconds fresh brew water renewal

• auto flush to reduce water and energy waste

• small 7 litre stainless steel boiler enables higher pressure, high performance, dry steam and

smooth delivery

• cold waterflow meter so no scaling

• telemetry available for programming, efficiency and data control

• auto steam available as extra

• cool touch steam wands and barista lights as standard E1


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