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F18 SB

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Your journey starts here.

Conceived and made to give you the perfect introduction into the world of coffee. High thermal and pressure stability, completely redesigned interface and outstanding usability that gives you a unique and original product in this market.

Design and functionality at your service

The F18SB is the perfect partner for restaurants, coffee shops and roasting companies all over the world, where above all reliability, robustness and speed are required.

Its multifunction interface makes operation and setting incredibly simple and fast.

The design of the F18SB is based on that of the much-loved F18, replicating its strong lines which are highlighted in the die-cast aluminium supports, a sign of solidity and durability. A powerful presence capable of adding character to any room, thanks to all the colours available from the catalogue.


Chromed brass group head with thermosiphonic circulation system optimised to maintain the ideal coffee extraction temperature.

Multifunction display

Allows to monitor the right functioning of the machine and to program the main functions.

Energy saving system

Insulation and smart energy management to save more than 20% of energy.