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Arguably the greatest coffee machine ever built!

Designed by an international team of world-leading baristas the Opera 2.0 commercial espresso machine boasts unchallenged technological advances and makes a stunning focal point for any coffee bar or roastery.  Specifically developed to make it easy for speciality coffee shops to showcase multi offerings and deliver good volumes of precision coffee.

This technology also delivers outstanding energy efficiency performance, making the Opera 2 a clear environmentally-friendly market leader.

Showcase multiple coffee recipes

The only machine allowing you to showcase 3 unique coffees (or more) from every group!  Set up and fine-tune them with precision using our exclusive interactive web app.  If you’re a serious coffee geek, there is no other machine that will offer you the ability to optimise every coffee with this level of control.

A traditional machine uses 50% more energy!

It may look power-hungry but the Opera 2.0 is our most energy-efficient machine. It’s raised the bar for sustainable coffee shop owners and that’s all down to the embedded PID, energy management software with boiler and pipework insulation significantly reducing power consumption.

Complete control over every facet of your coffee production

The Opera’s controlled coffee delivery system (CDS) allows baristas to refine every stage of coffee extraction to absolute perfection meaning shot accuracy can be maintained all day, every day.